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aYe is a not profit organization that promote, spread out and give consultations about yoga and its beneficts in primary and secondary schools around the Comunidad de Madrid-Spain.

In aYe we want that yoga becomes a usually practice in the school and therefore student can practice yoga tools during school time.

We want kids can learn and practice breathing exercices, relaxation and asanas (poses) in order they can improve both, their physical and emocional health and therefore their school performance. Our main aim is that children and adolescents are beneficiated by the full health that yoga supplies.

aYe is working in different projects that promote yoga into all the educative enviroment. If you are interested in having more information about one of them, please do not hesitated to  mail us to aye@yogaenlaescuela.org.


We teach yoga in primary, secondary schools and  social centres.


We are giving lectures, speechs and workshops about yoga and its beneficts to teachers and parents.


We are researching about the influence that regular practice of yoga has in childrens in colaboration with doctors and educators.






aYe is registered in the Association Register Office of the  Comunidad of Madrid Section 1st nº 32.706.

aYe is promoted by Antonia Juanes.






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