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Antonia Juanes is a certified yoga teacher (Yoga Siromani) by the Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy. Specialized in yoga for children and families she has completed the Rainbow Kids Yoga training. In many occasions she has travelled to India where has been practicing the classical asanas (postures) of Hatha Yoga directly with indian yoga teachers.

'Yoga provides holistic health and there is no limit of age for practicing'. With this belief, acquired after years of constant practice, she took the decision to devote to teaching yoga to children and pass on their techniques adapted to each age.

Since 2011 and through aYe, she works to advise and promote the benefits that yoga provides to physical and emotional kids development, their school performance and coexistence within and outside school.




'Respect for the Yoga, Love for Kids, Commitment and Selflessness' is the motto of aYe as well as the way she understands how is the work to spread yoga into society.





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